Year Built

Year Built

Usually taken from the tax data except in the case of property where the Construction Status=New or Proposed. It may not be the same year the certificate of occupancy is granted. See MLS Rules Exhibit 3.
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    • Stick Built

      A structure where the builder built "on site" as distinguished from either modular or manufactures. See Exhibit 1 of the MLS Rules and Regulations.
    • Year of Financial Figures

      Fiscal year from which the financial figures are supplied
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      A unit in a non-vertically attached, multi-unit complex where the owner of the unit owns in severalty both the unit (including the entire physical structure) and the land on which the unit rests. The common areas are owned by the unit owners' ...
    • Exhibit 3: Guidelines for Photos

      MLS Rule Section 1: Photos are mandatory for every property type and must be entered during the same time frames described in Section 1 “Listing Section 1 “Listing Procedures”. The primary photo must be an exterior elevation view of the property and ...
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      Definitions and Explanations of Data Fields TERM FLEX LABEL SINGLE FAMILY # of Bedrooms Must meet the following criteria: 1. Must be included in the Primary Living Area 2. At least half the room must have ceiling height of 7 feet 3. Must have ...