Tenant Garage

Tenant Garage

The number of spaces must equal the number of cars that fit within the garage

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    • Tenant Occupied

      Check the box in Showing Instructions when a tenant is in possession of the property. Update Showing Instructions as necessary.
    • Tenant Pays

      Choose all that apply
    • Garage Apartment

      A separate unit that is legally permitted containing at least an efficiency unit. Caution must be exercised to discover whether it is grandfathered and, if destroyed entirely or partially, whether it may be rebuilt.
    • Garage (#) Spaces Attached

      Identify the number of cars that may be parked
    • Exhibit 7: Definitions

      Definitions and Explanations of Data Fields TERM FLEX LABEL SINGLE FAMILY # of Bedrooms Must meet the following criteria: 1. Must be included in the Primary Living Area 2. At least half the room must have ceiling height of 7 feet 3. Must have ...