Sold Price

Sold Price

The price recorded at the courthouse as evidenced via Revenue Stamp on deed or CD (Line M1) or HUD (Line 101), with the CD or HUD price taking precedence when there is a difference.

BOM 02/04/21
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    • Listing Price

      Full gross listing price.
    • Section 2.5.2 Reporting New Construction Where Lot is Sold First, Improvement Sold Later

      Construction to Perm Financing: (Lot closes and bank loan pays builder to start & finish construction.) Do not enter lot as a separate sale(not a land listing). Where the buyer can choose the house plan, enter the listing the same day it goes under ...
    • Section 4.2 "Sold" Signs:

      Prior to closing, only the sold sign of the listing broker may be placed on a property, unless the listing broker authorizes the cooperating (selling) broker to post such a sign. (M)
    • Section 1.7 Listing Price Specified:

      The full gross listing price stated in the listing contract will be included in the information published in the Service compilation of current listings unless the property is subject to auction. (M)
    • Section 5.0.3 Net Selling Price Defined:

      “Net selling price,” for purposes of these rules, means the gross selling price less any portion of buyer’s financing, taxes, insurance, and closing costs if paid by the seller. No other amounts may be deducted from the gross selling price for the ...