Section 11.0.1 Access to Comparable And Statistical Information:

Section 11.0.1 Access to Comparable And Statistical Information:

REALTORS who are actively engaged in real estate brokerage, management, appraising, land development, or building, but who do not participate in the Service, are nonetheless entitled to receive, by purchase or lease, all information other than current listing information that is generated wholly or in part by the Service including "comparable" information, "sold" information, and statistical reports.

This information is provided for the exclusive use of these members and individuals affiliated with these members who are also engaged in the real estate business and may not be transmitted, retransmitted or provided in any manner to any unauthorized individual, office or firm except as otherwise provided in these Rules and Regulations. Participants and Subscribers who violate this Rule shall immediately have their MLS access suspended. Prior to having MLS access restored, the Participant or Subscriber must pay:
  1. Five hundred dollars ($500) for the first violation;
  2. One thousand dollars ($1,000) for a second violation;
  3. Two thousand-five hundred dollars ($2,500) for a third violation;
  4. The discipline for any subsequentviolations shall be at the discretion of the MLS Board of Managers

NOTE: All disciplinary actions are subject to Section 10 above

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