Section 5.0.4 Superseding Offers of Compensation:

Section 5.0.4 Superseding Offers of Compensation:

The listing broker may offer any Service Participant compensation other than the compensation indicated on any listings published by the Service provided the listing broker informs the other broker in writing in advance of submitting an offer to purchase and if the modification in the specified compensation is not the result of any agreement among all or any other Participants in the Service. Any superseding offer of compensation must be expressed in one of the forms permitted in Section 5.1. Nothing in these MLS rules precludes a listing Participant and a cooperating Participant, as a matter of mutual agreement, from modifying the cooperative compensation to be paid in the event of a successful transaction; such a bilateral agreement may include additional conditions for compensation.
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      FlexMLS Label: Add/Incentives/Bonus If Variable = 'yes' you must explain here. See Section 5.1 NCREC Rule A.0109 requires disclosure where cooperating broker's additional compensation is more than "nominal."