Section 11 Ownership of MLS Compilation and Copyright:

Section 11 Ownership of MLS Compilation and Copyright:

By the act of submission of any property listing content to the MLS, the participant represents and warrants that he or she is fully authorized to license the property listing content as contemplated by and in compliance with this section and these rules and regulations, and also thereby does grant to the MLS license to include the property listing content in its copyrighted MLS compilation, and also in any statistical report on comparables. Listing content includes, but is not limited to, photographs, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, narratives, pricing information, and other details or information related to the listed property. (M)


Each participant who submits listing content to the MLS agrees to defend and hold the MLS and every other participant harmless from and against any liability or claim arising from any inaccuracy of the submitted listing content or any inadequacy of ownership, license, or title to the submitted listing content. (M)

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      All right, title and interest in each copy of every multiple listing compilation created and copyrighted by the Service and in the copyrights, therein, shall always remain vested in NCRMLS. (R)
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