Section 1.1.3 Duplicate Listings.

Section 1.1.3 Duplicate Listings.

Duplicate listings shall be defined as multiple listings that contain the same property address OR Tax Identifier number and are entered into the service as a Parent/Child Listing. Pre-Sales, Commercial, Rental and Fractional/Timeshare are exceptions to the Parent/Child requirement.All Duplicate or Parent/Child Listings shall be entered under the following guidelines (BOM 11/14/19):
a) each listing record is complete and accurate in itself;
b) each listing record is recommended to be cross-referenced in agent only remarks by listing number with any other listing of the same property;
c) all disclaimers necessary to adequately describe a true picture of the listing’s circumstances appear in the Marketing/Public Remarks
d) there is specific authorization from the seller that could be verified if requested
e) If the property is sold, the listing broker must submit the sale against one listing record only.Other overlapping/duplicate records will be Cancelled by the System
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