Section 1.4 Change of Status of Listing:

Section 1.4 Change of Status of Listing:

Any change in the listed price or other change in the original listing agreement shall be made only when authorized in writing by the seller and shall be entered into the Service computer within 72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and postal holidays) after the authorized change is received by the listing broker. (BOM 02/07/19)
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      Failure to report a property as pending, the cancellation or resolution of a pending listing, a sold listing or the cancellation of a contingency status to the MLS within 72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and postal holidays) (BOM 02/07/19) ...
    • Section 1.5 Withdrawal of Listing Prior to Expiration:

      Listings of property may be withdrawn from the multiple listing service by the listing broker before the expiration date of the listing agreement, provided notice is filed with the service, including a copy of the agreement between the seller and the ...
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      The sale of real property not listed in the NCRMLS with buyer representation may be entered as a SALE ONLY.  Stipulation of Sale MUST be “Entered as Sale Only”.  Sale Only listings are subject to all data compliance rules and subject to fines as ...
    • Section 1.7 Listing Price Specified:

      The full gross listing price stated in the listing contract will be included in the information published in the Service compilation of current listings unless the property is subject to auction. (M)