Section 1.1.5 Square Footage:

Section 1.1.5 Square Footage:

The reported square footage for all properties shall be measured in accordance with the NC Real Estate Commission’s guidelines that are incorporated by this reference and attached as Exhibit 6. Where square footage in the property meets all of the living area criteria except “directly accessible from other living area”, such square footage shall be entered HSF Range Sep Living Space section. All other data fields related to such section must be completed (bedrooms, baths, etc.).
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    • Square Feet Range

      Choose an appropriate range based upon the calculation for heated square footage. See Exhibit 6 of the MLS Rules and Regulations.
    • Eff. Average Square Footage

      Eff. = Efficiency: a small apartment consisting of one room that includes kitchen facilities and a separate bathroom
    • Lot Size

      Expressed as either acres or square footage
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