See Exhibit 3 Where the property has never been occupied, is locked by the builder, and the exterior is complete, change the Construction Status field from Under Construction to New. If the property has been occupied, use "Existing."
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    • Section 2.5.2 Reporting New Construction Where Lot is Sold First, Improvement Sold Later

      Construction to Perm Financing: (Lot closes and bank loan pays builder to start & finish construction.) Do not enter lot as a separate sale(not a land listing). Where the buyer can choose the house plan, enter the listing the same day it goes under ...
    • Construction

      FlexMLS Label:  New Construction=yes or no Existing=a previously occupied home; New=a home that has never been occupied; Proposed=no construction has started; Under construction=not locked by the builder
    • Year Built

      Usually taken from the tax data except in the case of property where the Construction Status=New or Proposed. It may not be the same year the certificate of occupancy is granted. See MLS Rules Exhibit 3.
    • Street Name

      Only use the US Post Office assigned address. Where none exists, use the tax record (usually only needed for new construction). Care should be exercised in determining whether a compass point precedes the street name, appears after the name (MLS=Post ...
    • Section 1.1.7 Community Names:

      All community names shall be entered into the MLS as follows: Enter the Planned Urban Development (PUD) name or where there is no PUD,the Subdivision name in the Primary Subdivision field. (Example: PUD is Carriage Hills(goes in Primary), and the ...