MLS Rules and Regulations - Download Here (Updated 11/01/2022)

MLS Rules and Regulations - Download Here (Updated 11/01/2022)

Note the MLS Rules and Regulations can be downloaded here.  See Attachment below.

  1. September 3, 2020
    1. Section 1:  Greene, Hyde and Martin Counties added- BOM 09/03/20
    2. Section 1.1.4:  Rule change from “For Comp Purposes” to “For Sale Only” revised- BOM 12/03/20
    3. Section 1.12: Greene, Hyde and Martin Counties added- BOM 09/03/20
  2. March 1, 2021
    1. "R&R Reboot":  Rules and Regulations were reorganized to match NAR mandatory rules verbatim.  NCRMLS-specific rules reorganized to fit in the new structure.  This is mostly a format change - NAR 03/01/21
  3. April 1, 2021
    1. Section 1.1.20: Delayed Marketing without Coming Soon (BOM 04/01/21)
    2. Section 2.0.1: Bulk Sales (BOM 04/01/21)
  4. September 2, 2021
    1. Exhibit 3: Virtual Staging (08/20/21)
    2. Section 2.0.2:  Seller Name (BOM 09/02/21)
    3. Definition:  Owner Name (BOM 09/02/21)
    4. Section 1.12: Anson, Chatham, Johnston, Moore, Orange, Richmond, Wayne Counties added – (MCR, GWCAR, JCAR, OCAR Members 09/02/21)
  5. November 1, 2022
    1. Removed portion of Section 1.10:  Removal of rule in Section 1.10 that disallows new listing entries of listing agreements expired/cancelled within 30 days
    2. Modified Section 1.12: Addition of Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Gates, Hertford, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Tyrell and Washington counties (12/21)
    3. Added Section 1.16: Property Addresses (NAR 03/01/22)
    4. Added Section 4.5: Services Advertised as "Free" (NAR 03/01/22)
    5. Added Section 5.4: Display of Listing Broker's Offer of Compensation (NAR 03/01/22)
    6. Added Section 5.5: Non-Filtering of Listings
    7. Modified Section 9: "The Service" shall give consideration
    8. Modified Section 9.1: Procedures spelled out for appeals.
    9. Added Section 9.3: Complaints of Unauthorized use of Listing Content
    10. Renamed Section 9.3 to 9.4 MLS Rules Violations
    11. Moved Sections 18 and 19 to Exhibit 4 Data Feed Policies
    12. Modified Exhibit 2: Spells out Fines process
    13. Exhibit 4:  Data Feed Policies
      1. Modified Section 1.2.4: removal of offer of compensation or level of service in IDX filter
      2. Modified Section 1.2.12: make phone number or email address of listing firm available
      3. Added Section 1.3.1: Clarifying fields that may be displayed via IDX
      4. Added Section 1.3.2: Prohibit display of Expired, Withdrawn or Prohibited listings
      5. Added Section 2.15: VOW rules clarified
  6. November 7, 2022
    1. Modified Exhibit 8, Section 1.1.2 and Section 1.1.19:  Coming Soon now on IDX / Syndication / Counts DOM 
  7. November 11, 2022
    1. Attached the November 1, 2022 Rules and Regulations

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    • Section 9.1 Violations of Rules And Regulations:

      Section 9.1 Violations of Rules And Regulations: If the alleged offense is a violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Service and does not involve a charge of alleged unethical conduct or request for arbitration, it may be administratively ...
    • Section 13 Changes in Rules and Regulations:

      Amendments to the Rules and Regulations of the Service shall be by a simple majority vote of the Board of Managers of the Service.
    • Section 9.4 MLS Rules Violations:

      MLS participants may not take legal action against another participant for alleged rules violation(s) unless the complaining participant has first exhausted the remedies provided in these rules. (M)
    • Section 1.1.1 Listings Subject to Rules and Regulations of the Service:

      Any listing taken on a contract to be filed with the multiple listing service is subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Service upon the signature of the seller(s). (R) While the Service does not require a copy of the contract upon entry into ...
    • Section 7.1 Applicability of Rules to Users and/or Subscribers:

      Non-principal brokers, sales licensees, appraisers, and others authorized to have access to information published by the MLS are subject to these Rules and Regulations and may be disciplined for violations thereof. Further, failure of any user or ...