Lot Dimensions

Lot Dimensions

Please enter with numbers then "x" starting with the right corner of the lot at the street; going clockwise around the property. The first numbers would be the street frontage.
Example: 135x90x143x95-where 135 is the street frontage; 90 left lot line.
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    • Land Dimensions

      The first dimension should be the street dimension. Please add the remaining lines in a clockwise manner. Please show as many line lengths as possible
    • Room Dimensions

      Not required for Rentals
    • Lot Size

      Expressed as either acres or square footage
    • Section 2.5.2 Reporting New Construction Where Lot is Sold First, Improvement Sold Later

      Construction to Perm Financing: (Lot closes and bank loan pays builder to start & finish construction.) Do not enter lot as a separate sale(not a land listing). Where the buyer can choose the house plan, enter the listing the same day it goes under ...
    • Lot Water Features

      Choose appropriate value if applicable. NOTE: Ocean Front means that the building fronts on the beach.