Listing Date

Listing Date

The effective date of the listing agreement
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    • Expiration Date

      Ending date on the listing contract
    • Due Diligence Period End Date

      The date in the contract except where the status is not an exact date, but triggered by an event, such as "...14 days after Lienholders' Approval", enter any future date. When the MLS reminds you of the approaching DDP End Date, revise it again to ...
    • Section 1.11 Termination Date of Listings:

      Listings filed with the Service shall bear a definite and final termination date, as negotiated between the listing broker and the seller.(M)
    • Section 1.2.3 Blanket Listing Agreements.

      A Blanket Listing Agreement is defined as an agreement between the developer/builder and a firm/broker to sell multiple properties within a PUD or subdivision.  Within 3 days of the effective date, the blanket listing agreement must be submitted to ...
    • Section 1.1.2 Coming Soon Delayed Marketing Date:

      A listing where a delayed Showings date is utilized or where the seller has not authorized display until a later date, must nevertheless be entered within 72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays, and postal holidays) from receipt of seller’s written ...