Internet Data Exchange: By checking "Yes" in the box, the Participant is disclosing that the seller has authorized the listing to be displayed on the Internet and the MLS Participant is granting authority to other brokers to advertise the listing on the Internet pursuant to the MLS Rules.
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    • Photo / IDX / VOW Rule Violation

      Failure to follow Photo Guidelines, IDX Rules, VOW Rules or any other Rule Violation On Sold listings, staff shall only enforce the photo rule if the listing closed within the previous 365 days.Converted listings are not fined First Notice Courtesy ...
    • Section 15 VOW and IDX

      Note: Provisions in this Section 15 include references to section numbers in the NAR model rules for VOWs. Those references appear as “NAR Section x.x.”  These reference numbers appear here only to ease comparisons of these rules with the NAR model ...
    • Exhibit 4: Data Feed Policies (IDX & VOW)

      INTERNET DATA EXCHANGE (IDX) Section 1 IDX Defined: IDX affords MLS participants the ability to authorize limited electronic display and delivery of their listings by other participants via the following authorized mediums under the participant’s ...
    • Publish to Internet

      When answered Yes--the listing is eligible for IDX, VOW, and syndication. When answered No--the listing may not be displayed anywhere on the Internet.
    • Marketing/Public Remarks

      Public Remarks are used to describe the property and identify anything unusual about the property. Will be sent to IDX, National Websites, and Consumers. No agent or company information such as phone numbers, hyperlinks to websites (unless the ...