Failure to Disclose a Dual / Variable Commission rate in the MLS

Failure to Disclose a Dual / Variable Commission rate in the MLS

This Violation Receives an Automatic $50 Fine-no courtesy notice

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    • Section 5.3 Dual or Variable Rate Commission Arrangements:

      The existence of a dual or variable rate commission arrangement (i.e., one in which the seller/landlord agrees to pay a specified commission if the property is sold/leased by the listing broker without assistance and a different commission if the ...
    • MLS Rules and Regulations - Download Here (Updated 11/01/2022)

      Note the MLS Rules and Regulations can be downloaded here. See Attachment below. September 3, 2020 Section 1: Greene, Hyde and Martin Counties added- BOM 09/03/20 Section 1.1.4: Rule change from “For Comp Purposes” to “For Sale Only” revised- BOM ...
    • Variable Commission

      See MLS Rule 5.10
    • Section 5.0.6 Gross Commission Not Disclosed:

      The listing broker is prohibited from disclosing in the MLS the amount of total negotiated commission in his listing contract, and the Service shall not publish the total negotiated commission on a listing which has been submitted to the Service by a ...
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      Failing to provide the primary “tax identifier” (APN, PIN and/or PID) number for a parcel when it is available; providing a wrong PIN and/or PID number. NOTE: where newly platted lots have not yet been assigned a PIN and/or PID, use the entire ...