Section 1.1.2 Coming Soon Delayed Marketing Date:

Section 1.1.2 Coming Soon Delayed Marketing Date:

If marketing the property starts on a date later than the Effective date of the Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement (section 10), use the Active status, with Delayed Marketing option or the Coming Soon - No Showings Status. 

Active status with Delayed Marketing: These listing will not be visible on the MLS or Syndicated “published” until the "Commencement of" Marketing Date entered. These listings can only be seen by the Listing Agent or Office Admin. Note that the Marketing Date field cannot be changed except by the NCRMLS or Your Association Staff with supporting documentation.

Coming Soon - No Showings: These listings are syndicated (published) and are in a “No show status” - the property may not be shown until the Showing Start Date. A Showings Start Date must be entered that is not more than thirty (30) calendar days from the Effective Date of the Listing Agreement. An Exhibit 8, form may be completed for a listing where a delayed marketing date is utilized or where the seller has not authorized display until a later date. The listing must nevertheless be entered within 72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and postal holidays) from receipt of seller’s written authorization using the status “Coming Soon -No Showings”.   
  1. Coming soon - No Showings Status: The Coming Soon - No Showings status is a listing that cannot be shown. A listing can only be in the Coming Soon-No Showing status for a maximum of 30 calendar days.
  2. Nightly Processing:  Each evening, the System will review all Coming Soon -No Showings listings and automatically convert them to Active status if the Delayed Marketing Date has been reached or if the listing has been in the status for 30 days.
  3. Early Active:  The listing firm may change the listing’s status to Active at any time; however, once the Coming Soon -No Showings status is changed to Active the listing cannot go back to the Coming Soon -No Showings status.
  4. Only New Listings, No Status Changes:  Only new listings can use the Coming Soon -No Showings status; listings in any other status may not be changed to Coming Soon -No Showings.
  5. Signs:   NCRMLS does not require a coming soon sign rider but posting a “for sale” sign without a “coming soon” sign rider could be construed as misrepresenting the availability of access to show or inspect a listed property. Listing subscribers should consider using a “coming soon” sign rider on a sign, or no sign at all.
  6. Advertising:   Listings with a Coming Soon -No Showings status may only be promoted or advertised as a “coming soon”property. Advertising of a listing as a for-sale property will immediately disqualify the listing from the Coming Soon -No Showings status*.  If advertised as anything other than “coming soon”
    1. The status must immediately be changed to “active”
    2. The subscriber is cited for a violation of the NCRMLS Rules and Regulations
      1. First Violation: $1,000 fine
      2. Second Violation: $2,000 fine
      3. Third and subsequent violations within a 12-month period: $5,000 plus a 30-day suspension of the Subscriber’s MLS account.
*This is due to the settlement between the National Association of REALTORS(NAR) and the U.S. Department of Justice regarding NAR’s Virtual Office Website (VOW) policy. MLSs must provide ALL statuses of listings for display on VOW sites unless the seller opts out of Internet publication of the listing. Therefore, the seller must consent to opt out of having his or her property listing displayed on any Internet sites while it is in Coming Soon-No Show status. If a seller opts out of having his or her listing displayed on VOWs, the listing cannot be displayed on IDX sites, third-party aggregators’ sites or elsewhere on the Internet, including social media.
  1. Photos: NCRMLS does require an image or photo of any listing in Coming Soon -No Showings status as described below in Photos are Mandatory for Every Property Type.
  2. Offers Can Be Accepted:  A seller can accept an offer from a prospective buyer even if the property is not available for showing. In the event an offer is accepted on a listing in the Coming Soon -No Showings status, the listing firm must change the listing status within72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and postal holidays).
  3. No Showings, Open Houses, or Broker Caravans*:  Listings in the Coming Soon -No Showings status are not eligible for showings, open houses, or broker caravans.  Any showing of a listing in the Coming Soon-No Showing status, whether that showing is made to the general public or other participants and subscribers, will immediately disqualify the property from the Coming Soon -No Showingsstatus, and the listing subscriber will be cited for a violation of these Rules. A violation of this rule is assessed a $1000 fine for the first violation, a $2000 fine for the second violation, and a $5000 fine plus a 30-day suspension of the subscriber’s MLS account for any subsequent violations within a 12-month period. Future showings and open houses may be scheduled in advance for a time after the Start Date. The listing subscriber must change the status ofa Coming Soon -No Showings listing to Active, if any showing will occur before the Start Date.
*NAR General Counsel Katie Johnson says if a coming soon status listing appears in the MLS compilation but is only available for showing through the listing firm, that action can result in participants circumventing the duty to cooperate. This harms other participants’ exclusive representation relationships with their buyer clients and diminishes the value of the MLS. REALTORS®should always ensure their marketing and representations present a true picture.

(BOM 8/11/22)
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