Appt Contact Name

Appt Contact Name

Who to contact when scheduling an appointment.
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      Only use the US Post Office assigned address. Where none exists, use the tax record (usually only needed for new construction). Care should be exercised in determining whether a compass point precedes the street name, appears after the name (MLS=Post ...
    • Owner Name

      Full Name (First, Last, Suffix) of the person(s), corporation or legal entity who will sign the deed transferring ownership. When the seller of a property does not hold title, but has a contract to receive title on the property, the Participant must ...
    • Section 2.0.2 Seller Agent Name

      The Selling Agent name of an Offer to Purchase will be used as the Selling Agent name for the listing in the MLS.
    • Post Direction

      A compass point that appears after the street name field
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      Definitions and Explanations of Data Fields TERM FLEX LABEL SINGLE FAMILY # of Bedrooms Must meet the following criteria: 1. Must be included in the Primary Living Area 2. At least half the room must have ceiling height of 7 feet 3. Must have ...