Section 2.5 Reporting Sales to The Service:

Section 2.5 Reporting Sales to The Service:

Status changes, including final closing of sales and sales prices, shall be reported to the multiple listing service by the listing/leasing broker or auctioneer within 72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and postal holidays) after they have occurred. If the negotiations were carried on under Section 2 a. or b. hereof, the cooperating broker shall report accepted offers to the listing broker within one (1) business day after occurrence and the listing broker shall report them to the MLS within 72 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and postal holidays) after receiving notice from the cooperating broker. (M)

Final closing of lease transactions may be reported as Closed.

Note 1: The listing agreement of a property entered into the MLS by the listing broker should include a provision expressly granting the listing broker authority to advertise; to file the listing with the MLS; to provide timely notice of status changes of the listing to the MLS; and to provide sales information including selling price to the MLS upon sale of the property. If deemed desirable by the MLS to publish sales information prior to final closing (settlement) of a sales transaction, the listing agreement should also include a provision expressly granting the listing broker the right to authorize dissemination of this information by the MLS to its participants. (M)

Note 2: In disclosure states, if the sale price of a listed property is recorded, the reporting of the sale price may be required by the MLS.

In states where the actual sale prices of completed transactions are not publicly accessible, failure to report sale prices can result in disciplinary action only if the MLS:

1. categorizes sale price information as confidential and

2. limits use of sale price information to participants and subscribers in providing real estate services, including appraisals and other valuations, to customers and clients; and to governmental bodies and third-party entities only as provided below.

The MLS may provide sale price information to governmental bodies only to be used for statistical purposes (including use of aggregated data for purposes of valuing property) and to confirm the accuracy of information submitted by property owners or their representatives in connection with property valuation challenges; and to third-party entities only to be used for
academic research, statistical analysis, or for providing services to participants and subscribers. In any instance where a governmental body or third-party entity makes sale price information provided by the MLS available other than as provided for in this provision, a listing participant may request the sale price information for a specific property be withheld from dissemination for these purposes with written authorization from the seller, and withholding of sale price information from those entities shall not be construed as a violation of the requirement to report sale prices. (M)

Note 3: As established in the Virtual Office Website (“VOW”) policy, sale prices can only be categorized as confidential in states where the actual sale prices of completed transactions are not accessible from public records.(M)

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